Janet (limnrix) wrote,

Telepathic Object Delusion

I'm going to elaborate this. This has got to be a pretty well-established philosophical mindfuck of absolutely no consequence whatsoever.
Any object around you could be a telepathic mind. Since this telepathy is its only sense organ, it experiences what you do vicariously and has no way of knowing it's not you. More accurately, you have no way of recognizing your remote-percieving self in your environment and may never even encounter yourself. In fact, you may be an object reading the mind of another mind-reading object, or anything else along that chain. Better, you could be any arbitrarily defined body along the stream. You could be another person, with that person's perceptions transmitted elsewhere. If there was data leakage, you may be able to recognize your vessel or medium.
You know what? This is feeling kind of Deleuzian. What I'm curious about is whether anyone has developed this as a particular paranoid schizophrenic delusion (deleuzian delusion. hee). Like they decided they were a particular thing and got very protective of it. This delusion could be a kind of holistic karma, although I don't think you have any ethical obligations toward mindreading objects. Since it's still necessarily your specific body making whatever consciousness is, that's the only relevant presence. Still, something could be phreaking you and storing your memories. And freaking you, if you're so inclined.
For example, I suspect that I am actually the Wellbutrin I just started taking.
Tags: mindfuck, objects, philosophy, pointless, telepathy
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